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Model United Nations

A Model United Nations, more commonly known as an MUN is a simulation of the debates at the United Nations. During the conference, all students will be involved in an authentic United Nations Conference simulation. Resolutions will be written, coalitions made or broken and an international court case heard.

​All these events will be reviewed, reported and commented on by the Press Department via a daily newspaper. We offer delegates and journalists the opportunity to indicate their top three preference of three committees they would like to be assigned to, increasing the chance of being assigned to ones most preferred committee.


Delegates can choose between three different tracks of the MUN to participate in, they will all follow the theme for 2024: Fostering Wordwide Resilience in the Face of Emerging Challenges

Track Description

​UNISCA offers participants with little or no experience in Model United Nations the chance to participate in one of the following three tracks: Delegate, Journalist, and Lawyer/Judge. These three tracks will offer the participant the chance to earn 6ECTS. 
All information about the conference programs is described on this page. Further information (such as country allocation and study guides) will be distributed in the months preceding the conference.
Please feel free to send an e-mail to our Secretary at if you have any questions that are left unanswered. 

Delegate Track:

​As a delegate, you will take on the role of a country’s diplomat. We offer you the chance to indicate your country and UN Committee preference. Delegates are a crucial component of every real UN conference as they are the direct representative of their country. Hence, they are responsible for achieving cooperation with and between the other delegates as well as the defense of their countries interests.

    Lawer & Judges: 

In the International Court of Justice (ICJ) track, you can take the position of either a lawyer or a judge in the ICJ court case simulation (Moot Court principle). This program allows you to deepen and broaden your knowledge of the law as an academic subject and assist your development as a legal professional. ​As a lawyer, you and your team will investigate and plead in a thrilling case before the ICJ Judges. As a judge, you have the opportunity to experience what it is like to uphold the rule of law in an ICJ court simulation. You will be in charge of the court and write a judgment or dissenting opinion. A background in law is strongly suggested for this program.


​​In the Press Department, you can experience what it is like to be an internationally oriented journalist. You will write reports, opinionated pieces, and in-depth articles on the committee that you are assigned to. The committee of your preference is taken into account. You will be offered the unique chance to interview renowned lecturers, delegates, lawyers, and judges and write for the UNISCA newspaper. Also, you will be given the chance to contribute to this newspaper in the format of your creation. 

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