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Starting as a student initiative in 1997, UNISCA established itself as a sophisticated and high-quality student conference that attracts ambitious participants from across the globe. It prides itself on establishing an intense and rewarding two-week program. Participants not only get to participate in a thrilling Model United Nations but also expand their horizon intellectually by receiving interesting lectures by renowned speakers. Furthermore, UNISCA offers amazing evening activities where participants make friends for a life-time.

In the first week of UNISCA students will receive lectures on subjects that relate to the topics discussed during the second week the actual conference. Students will write a position paper (essay) before the first week starts, indicating the stance of the nation they represent on the topics at hand. This year, UNSICA is a pass or fail course. In order to be eligible for the 6 ECTS academic credits, the grade (pass or fail) for UNISCA as an official University of Amsterdam subject is determined by a position paper (essay, a participation grade and a presentation during the conference. 

UNISCA 27th Board

MUN Tracks

Delegates can choose between three different tracks of the MUN to participate in: 

Academic Structure

UNISCA is unique in its kind. It not only offers its participants a thrilling Model United Nations, but also an amazing week of lectures and fun social activities throughout. UNISCA is officially recognized by the University of Amsterdam as an academic course. As such, participants can earn 6 ECTS credits by passing four elements:

Social Activities 

After the thrill of engaging in the conference each day comes to an end, UNISCA offers its participants the chance to get to know each other in a relaxed setting. Although the evening activities are optional, it is highly recommended to join in since they offer the chance for further bonding with the other participants. Furthermore, they provide an excellent yet relaxed setting to expand one's professional network as well as hear about future professional possibilities. 

Alongside helping participants meet each other, the social activities also help the participants get to know the historic and beautiful city of Amsterdam! We organise a range of fun and unique activities like visiting the Heineken Experience for a cold beer or a boat ride through the famous Amsterdam canals for a tan. There is something in store for all. Take this chance to relax, expand your horizon and make friends for life. Visit our conference page for a preliminary schedule of our forthcoming conference!

General Information

Conference fee:

The conference fee is 129,- EUR for Bachelor students enrolled in a Dutch university, and 399,- EUR for Master students, students from outside of the Netherlands, and contract students. More information can be found under FAQ.

Dress Code: 

UNISCA is a simulation of the United Nations. As such, we oblige participants to dress accordingly. The dress code is business casual for the first lecture week and formal for the second conference week.

Terms and Conditions:

​Please refer to this page for our General Terms and Conditions.
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