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2024 Secretariat and Chairs

Alongside the Board of Directors, members of the Secretariat work to make each UNISCA conference run smoothly.  The Secretariat is necessary to the organisation of the MUN conference component of UNISCA.

Application Requirements

Applications for the Secretariat are open. Chair applications open on Monday 26th of February. Participants must be enrolled in a university and younger than 30 years to be able to participate in UNISCA. Proficiency in English is required. In order to apply successfully, each aspiring participant is expected to deliver:


CV in English

Applicants are required to attach a CV (Curriculum Vitae) in English as part of the application requirements.


Motivation letter

A motivation letter (max. 250 words) as to why you would like to participate and your role preference.


MUN experience

A summary ("name conference - date"), showing you have obtained previous MUN experience. 

26 FEB - 26 APR

19 FEB - 19 APR

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