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Pile of Newspapers

Journalist Track

​The journalistic track of UNISCA is suited for students interested in media coverage, journalism, and creative and analytical writing. Participants of the journalistic track will report on the resolutions adopted by the delegates and on the dynamics of the committees. The journalists will write one journalistic piece per day during the conference. The content, form, and style of those pieces are to a large extent at the discretion of each participant. Another important role will play social media such as Twitter to report on political developments and tensions in real-time.

During UNISCA, Journalists publish a daily newspaper, Foreign&Affairs, and share updates about the conference on their Twitter account

What is the Journalist track?

Newspaper: Foreign&Affaris

Foreign&Affairs is the official newspaper of UNISCA. The journalists aim to cover a diverse range of information outlets and to keep all conference participants up-to-date on the developments within the committees. 
Foreign&Affairs includes analytical articles, breaking news pieces, catchy columns, insightful interviews, and last but not least, witty memes. Just like the media in real life, the journalists of Foreign Affairs have the ability to influence the committee proceedings, and most importantly, public opinion. As the press is often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy, the journalists have an important responsibility to fulfill that is taken seriously throughout the duration of UNISCA 2024.


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