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All About UNISCA MUN 2024

A Unique Student Organization

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Do you want to uncover the political fast-track? Discover UNISCA 2024! UNISCA aims to provide students with an interactive learning experience by providing exploration of the mechanisms of the United Nations and its topics. The program offers a unique three-pillared program where students get to debate in UN-style, do an academically recognized 6 ECTS subject and meet many interesting peers from all over the world!

​Are you ready to unmask the political? UNISCA 2024 will take place from
July 1 until July 12, 2024, as a full-time program in Amsterdam. Feel free to leave us with your e-mail address to stay updated or have a look around our website. It will provide you with all the relevant information you need to get involved with us and our objectives. 


Fostering Wordwide Resilience in the Face of Emerging Challenges

2024 Theme


During the two week conference participants will enjoy the following:

General Assembly


Summer Courses

MUN Flag

Model United Nations

United Nations Simulator

General Assembly


Evening Activities

“I remember UNISCA as a productive, friendly ​and joyful environment.”
“UNISCA was the start of my path through diplomatic skills. ​It gave me confidence to take a chance on what I can be and make.”
"As President of UNISCA, I can assure you that the team and I have worked hard to ensure a full range of diversity and global knowledge throughout the conference."
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